Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for CalSAE (member only benefit) will get you connected with your peers, expose you to new ideas and provide you with meaningful ways to support your industry. We've got a terrific variety of opportunities from which to choose from based on the type of involvement and time commitment you are looking for. Please refer to our volunteer "menu" below for more details. For additional information please contact the CalSAE office at 916-443-8980 or heidi@calsae.org.


A La Carte

Commitment: 4 to 6 hours

 CAE Study Group Mentor 

Be a CAE domain mentor for our CAE Study Group. Contact Heidi Ursino for more information.

 Content Leader 

Deliver education content at an upcoming education program. Please contact Heidi Ursino for more information or visit our Call for Proposals webpage.

 The Executive Magazine Author 

Write an article for the CalSAE magazine. Topics and themes vary throughout the year. Please contact Debbie Pate-Newberry for more details and check out our issue library (archive).

Main Course

Commitment: 2 to 4 hours/month for 6 to 24 months

 Committee Member 

Become a member of a CalSAE committee (one-year commitment).

 Regional Council Member 

Be a member of one of our five Region Councils in the Bay Area, Capital, Southern California, San Diego and Oregon (NEW!)

Did You Know...?

Results of the most recent CalSAE Volunteer Survey* showed:

  • 97% felt their input and feedback was valued
  • 97% were made to feel welcome
  • 92% expanded their network
  • 92% felt the experience was interesting and enjoyable

* Responded “agree" or “strongly agree"