Premier Partner Program

Premier Partner Program

We lead the way in providing opportunities for you to expand into the association market. The Premier Partner Program — representing our highest level of partnership — provides an exclusive year-round presence to connect and build professional relationships with key decision-makers, increase valuable contacts, improve brand awareness, gain a greater understanding of associations, and ultimately demonstrate your commitment to the association community.

Build a Customized Package of Opportunities

Start by selecting a Partner level that fits your needs, then build a customized package of exclusive discounted opportunities based on the level of partnership you've chosen.


Package opportunities are limited. Priority is based on your Partner level and/or making a multi-year commitment. We've organized package opportunities into two major impact areas: Visual Impact Area (options to maximize brand recognition and exposure) and Relationship Impact Area (exclusive face-to-face environments with association professionals). A full list of options is listed below.

Start Building Your Customized Package Now

Complimentary Perks

These complimentary perks — valued at $3,697 — are available upon request and are in addition to the overall package value.

  • Priority selection of booth placement at Seasonal Spectacular — $1,000 value
  • Company logo in digital Membership Directory — $1,000 value
  • Acknowledgment in ELEVATE Annual Conference registration materials — $500 value
  • Mailing list of Association Professional members (distributed once following renewals) — $500 value
  • One CalSAE Industry Partner membership — $379 value
  • Company name and hyperlink on the Premier Partner webpage — $200 value
  • Two Seasonal Luncheon tickets with Seasonal Spectacular booth registration — $118 value

Visual Impact Area

Online Options

 Logo/Link on CalSAE Emails 
Company logo with hyperlink included in at least two CalSAE email communications per week for the entire month (including our weekly Update e-newsletter) to members and non-members.
$1,200/month — 12 months available

 Logo/Link on Homepage
Company logo with hyperlink appears “above the fold” exclusively for the entire month.
$1,500/month — 12 months available

 Ad on Homepage Carousel 
Ad included in the homepage carousel “above the fold” (slide position 2 of 3) for the entire month. Slides are on a six-second rotation.
$1,900/month — 12 months available

Print & Messaging Options

 Sponsored Email Blast 
Company-created content that CalSAE will send to members on your behalf.
$2,000/each — 12 available, limit 1/month

 Sponsored Facebook Post 
CalSAE will post company-created content to our Facebook Page on your behalf.
$1,000/each — 12 available, limit 1/month

 Company Listing in The Executive Magazine 
Top placement in all four issues of the quarterly CalSAE magazine. Includes logo, company name, representative name, and contact information.
$2,000 ($500/issue for 4 issues)

 Monthly Member Mailing List 
Receive an up-to-date mailing list for all Association Professional members including new members joining each month.
$1,800 ($150/month for 12 months)

Relationship Impact Area

Association Professional Exclusive Environments

 AMC Owner's Retreat 
The AMC Owner's Retreat is an annual two-day retreat with owners of association management companies. This option includes interaction in all social aspects of the retreat such as welcoming guests, dinner, breakfast, and lunches. Hotel stay cost not included.  Held at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach on September 18-19, 2022.
$7,500 | 23 attendees

Insights Executive Summit
This program is designed specifically for advanced-level CEOs. It is a 1.5-day, limited attendance program with the highest level of content prepared and delivered by a professional facilitator in an intensive and interactive environment.  This option includes interaction in all social aspects of the retreat such as welcoming guests, dinner, breakfast, and lunches. Hotel stay cost not included.  Held in February 2023.
$7,500 | 20 attendees

Association Leadership Academy
The Association Leadership Academy is a four-part facilitator-led cohort model program designed for association professionals.  Held virtually in September and November 2022 + February, March, April, and May 2023.
$2,500/each — 6 available | 30 attendees each

 CAE Study Group 
A CAE Study Group is a group of association professionals that gather weekly in the Spring and in the Fall to help one another prepare for an upcoming CAE exam.  Ten opportunities to interact with participants are included.
$2,500/each — 2 available | 22 attendees each

CEO Lunch
Held in the Capital Region, these are an opportunity for association CEO's to network for a couple of hours with their peers.  Food and beverage costs are additional.
$3,000/each  — 4 available | 20 attendees each

One-Day Programs

 Membership & Marketing Summit 
A one-day educational program with concurrent sessions focused specifically on association membership, marketing, and communications.  Held in June 2023 in Sacramento.
$4,000 | 75 attendees

 Associations 360 
A day-long program for individuals new to being an association professional or industry partner, and for new members of CalSAE, to gain a solid understanding of the world of associations.  Held in October 2022 in Sacramento.
$3,000 | 25 attendees

 LevelUp Education & Luncheon 
Local regional education program followed by a luncheon.
$1,000 to $2,500 — 8 available | 20-50 attendees each (value and attendance based on region)

 Couch Chat 
Complimentary, facilitator-led discussion groups — dedicated to the four primary areas of association management: CEO/executive directors, membership & marketing, events & education, and operations & finance — designed to allow you to connect with your peers to discuss the challenges and share ideas in a relaxed small group setting.  Held virtually monthly for 1 hour.
$2,500 — 12 available | 25 attendees each