Call for Proposals

Do you have what it takes to inspire, empower, and connect the association community? If so, submit to the CalSAE education program Call for Proposals to be considered as a content leader, facilitator, or panelist for an upcoming meeting or event. CalSAE is seeking learning sessions for regional programs, Seasonal Spectacular, and ELEVATE.

CalSAE is a CAE Approved Provider of year-round educational programs led by experts in the association community including association professionals, consultants, and industry partners. Our members value different learning formats, insights on industry trends, strategies to lead their organizations, new ideas on meetings and events, practical membership models, and other thought-provoking content to advance the industries they serve.

Submission Deadline
August 26, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. PST

Submit a Proposal

Proposal Tips
  • Content is King - Be thoughtful and thorough when developing your proposal to describe the intent of the session, key takeaways and learning objectives. NOTE: The first step of our review process is “blind,” meaning that your name, company, and bio won’t be revealed until later in the process.

  • Make It Compelling - Our audiences are composed of non-profit association executives, their staff, and industry partners who run the gamut from hotel sales managers to professional service providers and consultants. Learning levels are diverse, with most participants ranging from mid to high-level, or applied to strategic level.

  • Be Authentic & Vulnerable - Speak of failure as well as success.

  • Know Your Audience - If it's canned, it's spam. Our attendees will expect that the content leaders selected to represent CalSAE understand the unique needs and challenges of the association industry.

  • Knowledge Sharing is the Most Effective Marketing - Our participants are savvy professionals. Sales pitches disguised as education will result in poor ratings and lost opportunities.

  • Be Interactive - Our programs are a terrific opportunity to learn from participants as they learn from you and each other. The ability for attendees to engage with each other (and develop relationships) is an important part of the experience.

  • Be creative! 

Proposals will go through a review process by various CalSAE committees.

  • Selections for the 2022 Seasonal Spectacular program will be made by early September 2022.
  • Selections for 2023 ELEVATE will take place in mid-October 2022.
  • All other programs will be at various times depending on the event date, at which point, submitters will receive an email to confirm whether their proposal has been selected or not. Please note, if you submit your proposal prior to an event date being set, we will contact you to confirm your availability.

Honorarium & Travel Reimbursement (if applicable)
  • Honorariums are not provided for most CalSAE events. Travel stipends may be provided for those without the financial support of their company and who are traveling a long distance to participate. Please indicate any special requests in your proposal.
  • Content leaders selected through the Call for Proposals receive discounted registration and are encouraged to participate in other programs during the conference. 

Submit a Magazine Article

You can also share your expertise with the association community by contributing an article for The Executive magazine. Please contact Debbie Pate-Newberry.

Ideas or Questions?

Not a speaker or facilitator, but have a great idea for a CalSAE program or speaker, or just have general questions about submitting a proposal? Please contact Megan Denhardt, Education Consultant.