List Use Policy

CalSAE creates and maintains membership and other lists and committee rosters containing names, addresses, affiliations, and other information about its members (the “Lists”). CalSAE encourages members to use the Lists for communicating with other members for purposes that advance CalSAE’s mission and in conducting the business of CalSAE. The Lists appear in CalSAE’s membership directory and other publications, and/or on the CalSAE website. The Lists are valuable proprietary assets of CalSAE. This List Use Policy is enacted to protect CalSAE’s value in the Lists by ensuring CalSAE’s active control of the Lists and preventing any unauthorized use of the Lists.

1. No part of the Lists or their contents may be reproduced, copied, disseminated, entered into a database, or used as part of a marketing communication to some or all CalSAE members unless specifically authorized by CalSAE. A “marketing communication” is a mail, fax or email communication for the purpose of marketing or advertising a product or service. Unless the user has entered into an agreement with CalSAE to use a List as provided below, any use of a List in violation of this paragraph shall constitute an unauthorized use.

2. CalSAE shall implement a procedure by which a member may request that a marketing or other communication be sent by CalSAE to some or all CalSAE members. Any such use will be subject to payment of a fee to CalSAE for each one-time use. The procedure shall include a review by CalSAE for the appropriateness of the communication, in its discretion.

  • Approved electronic communications will be disseminated by CalSAE (such as via a CalSAE “email blast” or “fax blast”), not by the member, on a one-time basis. The procedure shall not permit the List user to access or to obtain a copy of the List.
  • CalSAE shall also implement a procedure by which members may purchase a mailing list of CalSAE members for one-time mailing of an approved marketing or other communication. The procedure shall not permit the List user to retain a copy of the List for future use. Any actions by the List user to scan or photocopy the list, allow anyone else to use the list or any part thereof, extract any information from the list and place it into a computer database, or otherwise attempt to store or re-use the information on the list in any form or manner or by any  means, will constitute an unauthorized use.

3. The Board of Directors of CalSAE shall have the power, in its discretion, to impose penalties for any unauthorized use of a List. Depending upon the severity and frequency of the unauthorized use, such penalties may range from verbal warnings to imposition of fines to loss of CalSAE membership privileges. In any matter relating to use of a List that is brought before the Board, any Director with a material interest in the proposed marketing communication must comply with the Board’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

4. CalSAE shall implement a procedure in which members may purchase a mailing list of CalSAE members for marketing & communications purposes. The list will be used on a onetime basis and will not be reproduced or  copied for additional use.

5. CalSAE reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time.