Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CalSAE's Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CalSAE is at the foundational phase of evolving on diversity, equity, and inclusion. During our exploration phase we are recognizing the diversity in our members and bringing them together as we co-create opportunities and solutions to elevate our industry.

We are committed to being a safe space where there is continual learning, where we act consciously with open minds to remove obstacles, and we support and invite broader participation as we work to measurably build diversity, equity, and inclusion in CalSAE and the organizations of our members.

Summary of top strategies being implemented to support our statement:

  • Recruiting the association community to engage in best practices
  • Curating resources for associations to use 
  • Delivering learning and exchange opportunities
  • Developing partnerships with other DEI-focused organizations
  • DEI liaisons to committees and councils

Join Us in Our Commitment

CalSAE is here to help your association get momentum and implementation behind your DEI initiatives.  As a starting point, we have developed a list of best practices split into three categories:  setting the foundation, internal focus (engaging staff and volunteers), and external focus (engaging members).  We have also curated a set of resources to assist with implementation.

We invite you to join us in the commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by pledging to partake in at least three of these best practices within your organization.

Take the Pledge      Best Practices/Resources

Take Further Action - Join the DEI Committee

The DEI Committee's mission is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within CalSAE and the broader association community. They do this by promoting and engaging the broader association community to advance DEI within their organizations, by building CalSAE’s culture in advancing it's own practice of DEI, and by assessing CalSAE's DEI plan annually and making any adjustments in concert with the Board of Directors.