Organizational Structure

Officers & Board of Directors

The CalSAE Board is composed of twelve members. There are five Officers: Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary, Treasurer, Industry Partner Vice Chair, and Immediate Past Chair, along with seven Director positions.

To learn more about how you can serve as a CalSAE volunteer or Board member, refer to our Board Elections page or our Volunteer page.

Current Officers & Board of Directors List

Regional Councils

Council members have a variety of ways in which they can engage CalSAE members. Council members are expected to contribute in some way most months (depending on your schedule and personal preferences), usually in the range of three to five hours per month. The goal is to increase member loyalty by engaging them in ways that provide value through relationship building, supporting local events and access to resources. In addition, the regional council meets approximately four times a year to plan, discuss results, and assess opportunities to connect members.

  • Bay Area Regional Council
  • Capital Regional Council
  • Oregon Regional Council
  • San Diego Regional Council
  • Southern California Regional Council

Regional Council Volunteer Roles


Standing committees advance CalSAE's mission through oversight of specific functions needed by the organization. Committee members provide advice and counsel on a variety of topics within the mission of each committee, and often "roll up their sleeves" in reviewing new programs, volunteering at events and contributing new ideas.

  • Communications
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • ELEVATE Annual Conference
  • Legislative Advisory Work Group ("LAW Group")
  • Membership Advisory Group ("MAG")
  • Professional Development ("PDC")
  • Seasonal Spectacular Tradeshow

Committee Descriptions

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