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Shaun Rundle


Executive Director

CA Peace Officers' Association (CPOA)

Association Professional Organization

Professional Bio

I joined CalSAE in 2018, where I started attending bootcamps, online sessions and local events. From there, I joined various committees, and served as Co-Chair of ELEVATE in 2022. I have participated in Couch Chats, the LAW Group, the Associtiation Leadership Academy (ALA) and have presented for several years at ELEVATE.

CPOA is a leadership development organization for more than 26,000 law enforcement personnel throughout California. I started with the organization in 2014 as an in-house lobbyist, and have served as Executive Director since January 1, 2022. I have experience in organizational development and strategy, budget forecasting, advocacy, volunteer development, staff management and governance.

I earned my CAE credential in 2023 and am a proud girldad to two beautiful daughters and avid fan of baseball, the Old West and the Civil War.


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