Elaine Rose Scholarship for Small Associations

Elaine Rose began her career as a staff member in a small association and wore many hats. She eventually became the Executive Director of the Associated Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors and the Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors of Sacramento. She served on the CalSAE Board and was a productive member of the Capital Region Council. For her exemplary service, she was named the 1997/98 Association Executive of the Year. Elaine was passionate about the need to mentor staff in small associations and help them achieve their career goals by connecting with the association community through CalSAE.

The purpose of the Elaine Rose Scholarship for Small Associations is to promote the educational and professional growth of a CalSAE member who works for a small association by supporting his/her attendance at the CalSAE ELEVATE Annual Conference. 

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Eligibility Guidelines
  • Current CalSAE Association Professional member (preference to those who have been a member for less than three years)
  • Employed by a 501(c) organization
  • Small staff size defined - the scholarship is generally designed for small associations (generally five employees or less), but applicants working for an organization of larger size may also be considered.

Application Requirements
  1. Completed Application Form, which includes the below narratives. 
    • Describe your volunteer contributions to CalSAE and other non-profit organizations.
    • How would attending ELEVATE support your career goals and learning aspirations?

  2. A letter of recommendation from your supervisor (Board Chair in the case of a CEO applicant).


Completed application must be received by CalSAE no later than February 1, 2023, in order to be considered. You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received and will also be notified of the results in February.

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