Regional Council Volunteers

Each Regional Council has its own local feel with similar goals. Regional Councils are responsible for education and networking events in their region. Volunteers are also liaisons to new members – helping them make the most out of their membership.

Council Roles & Responsibility        Apply for Your Regional Council

Get involved with your Regional Council. 
Help support CalSAE while gaining some notable benefits at the same time.

  • Build your network – be a liaison for new members and work with your council peers
  • Sharpen your skills – get exposed to new ideas, learn from others and grow your leadership skills
  • Plan events – bring your region together through learning and networking
  • Give back to your association – grow and build CalSAE’s robust community of volunteer leaders

Regional Council Mission Statement: To ensure member engagement and growth at the local level.


  1. Membership recruitment and engagement.
  2. Networking development and enhancing local events.
  3. Enriching peer and individual relationships.

Summary of the Role: Council members have a variety of ways in which they can engage CalSAE members. Council members are expected to contribute in some way most months (depending on your schedule and personal preferences), usually in the range of three to five hours per month. The goal is to increase member loyalty by engaging them in a variety of ways that provides value through relationship building and access to resources.