Education Sessions


Reinventing Board/Staff Partnership for
The Turbulent Twenties

It's time for the association community to embark on an honest reckoning with the myriad wicked problems we face in this decade and beyond. To initiate this purposeful process, we must focus our attention, unleash energy, and build momentum for new and beneficial dialogue. This provocative conversation will challenge association orthodoxy and help you imagine the possibilities of genuine board/staff partnership as a force for shaping a different and better future.

Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, Executive Advisor, Foresight First LLC

Ready for a Change? Position Yourself
for a Career Shift

Are you ready to flip the script of your personal or professional life? Hear from industry and associations professionals who asked themselves the hard questions and made significant career changes as a result. Following their hearts, each professional made a transition into a role that nurtures their souls or took what they already knew and applied it in a different way. Hear about their career transitions and the obstacles faced along the way. Learn to identify your key competencies and personal passion(s) to leverage your own strengths into a new environment or future career shift.

Anne Ornelas, DES, Senior Manager, Business Systems and Strategic Initiatives, CASSS
Kurt Shaver, Group Business Development Manager, Sonoma County Tourism

7 Easy Steps for a DIY Organizational Assessment
An effective organizational assessment will generate immediate insights and identify ways for your people, processes, and technology to support your strategic goals. But, where do you begin to identify operational inefficiencies and areas for business process improvements? How do you evaluate programs and services for potential changes and opportunities? Learn a step-by-step method for conducting a high-value organizational assessment that will illuminate how to ‘move the needle’ on your organization’s priorities to take your association farther, faster, and with buy-in from key stakeholders.

Vanessa Dennison, CAE, CBAP, Owner, Dennison & Associates


Designing an Employee Retention Culture
Employees are increasingly becoming disengaged in our new economy. Remote & hybrid work has changed the way employees interact with each other and their managers. Through different engagement strategies, you can transform your organization into a high employee retention culture – one that develops employee strengths to increase productivity leading to higher job satisfaction. Hear how to set clear work objectives and expectations for onsite, remote or hybrid work so that your employees can stay engaged, motivated and perform at high levels for your organization.

Jessica Mirabile, Senior Trainer and Recruiting Director, California
   Employers Association


Refining Stakeholder Engagement to Enhance Your Members' Prestige
Like many associations, the AuSAE New Zealand was grappling with the economic effects that Covid had on the marketplace. As an organization, they were challenged with rethinking how to engage members differently, and how to design their strategic plan to reflect the new way of work. Learn how they navigated different traditions and cultures to ensure membership engagement was maximized. Hear about the benefit of refining your organizational philosophy to enhance your member’s respect and increase your association’s overall member value.

Brett Jeffery, CAE, General Manager, AuSAE New Zealand

Ending Generational Orthodoxy in Associations
This session will examine the detrimental impact of generational orthodoxy, make the case for ending the association community's reliance on it, and challenge participants to adopt a different mindset as they consider how to listen to, learn from, and collaborate with their younger stakeholders today, the rest of this decade, and beyond. Learn how to identify the detrimental impact of generational orthodoxy on both their associations and stakeholders. Understand how to better collaborate with staff and voluntary decision-makers to end the practice of using generational orthodoxy to guide thinking and action. Leave with the tools you need to develop next practices for listening to, learning from, and collaborating with young stakeholders.

Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, Executive Advisor, Foresight First LLC


Engagement Scoring Workshop
Association professionals understand conceptually what engagement scoring is and why it’s important, but do you know how to produce accurate scores that are meaningful and actionable? The key is choosing the right activities, behaviors and weights for your engagement scoring so you have actional metrics to build your engagement model. Explore how to create the model to reflect what you value most in your members, and what they value most about your association to guide your association’s  strategic decisions.

Bill Conforti, SVP, Strategy & Solutions, Association Analytics


Meetings, Events & Exhibits Survival Guide
What is the current state of the events industry? What are current registration trends? What are new ROI expectations from exhibitors and sponsors? What can associations do to enhance the attendee experience? What considerations must be made when negotiating contracts? Discuss these issues and more in this interactive session to help event professionals do their jobs better.

Necoya Tyson, Director, Meeting Operations, CASSS