Board Bites - Summer 2023

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In the spirit of progress and growth, the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) convened its Board of Directors in June to chart an ambitious course for the upcoming 2023/24 year.  Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights from the meeting—insights and initiatives that you, as a fellow association leader, may find not only interesting but also beneficial for the continued success of your own organization. 

  • Education Plan – This document outlines the professional environment, assesses CalSAE membership needs and demographics, and explains the various programs on tap for next year.

  • Affirming our DEI Plan Goals - view the abbreviated plan

  • CalSAE Membership Survey Snapshot - shows detailed demographics, insights on what is most important to members, and assessing CalSAE’s performance.

  • Volunteerism Outline - the process and principles that will guide our efforts. Alternatively, this is also a look at what it's like to volunteer with CalSAE. 

  • The CalSAE “Success Plan - shows our mission, vision, objectives, goals, and strategies.

  • Oregon Region Growth - Our partnership in now over a year old! We're excited about the enthusiasm of the Oregon Regional Council in continuing to facilitate growth and leadership as we support our 70 Oregon Members. 

Overall, the Board expressed great satisfaction with our current strategic objectives and the remarkable progress made toward achieving them. Looking ahead, we are eager to enhance our approach by introducing a new layer if you will, that will further channel the energy and interconnectedness we have been experiencing. Our aim is to infuse this vibrant spirit into all aspects of our association, be it regional councils, committees, or everyday activities. This infectious new energy promises to invigorate and enrich our endeavors, bringing forth positive transformations in our collective journey toward success.

Jim Anderson, CAE
CalSAE President & CEO


Alan Pentico, CAE

CalSAE Board Chair 2023/24
Executive Director
Southern CA Rental Housing Association (SCRHA)