Professional Development


CalSAE strives to promote your success by keeping you inspired and connected through a variety of
events and education each month (up to 150 CAE program credits). Below you will find detailed descriptions of each offering. New events are added to the calendar monthly, watch your email for registration announcements.

Upcoming Events

Event & Education Offerings

Alliance Learning Collective (ALC) - virtual
The ALC brings association professionals from across the US together to cultivate connections while providing deeper learning experiences. You'll be matched with a cohort of your peers over three highly interactive 90-minute learning sessions. You'll be learning from a national expert and facilitator while tapping into the knowledge of the community and experimenting with a wide variety of models and methods.  Two learning series are produced each year (fall and spring).

AMC Retreat
An annual two-day retreat in August or September for the owners/principals of association management companies to discuss challenges and share ideas.

Association Leadership Academy - virtual
A year-long certificate education program focused on the intersectionality of domains in executive leadership and the measures of remarkable associations. After many years of offering a “CEO BootCamp” Program, we have formed an alliance of faculty members, advisors, and allied organizations to offer you a carefully curated series of contemporary leadership practices. Each Academy begins in February and concludes at Seasonal Spectacular.

Associations 360
An overarching examination of associations, their role in society, and their major functional areas, with an emphasis on developing leadership and management skills. This program is especially helpful for those who are newer to the association profession, those who would like a broader understanding of the profession as a whole, and those who are interested in expanding their career in the association industry.  

CAE Study Group - virtual
For those pursuing their CAE Certification, the CalSAE study group meets together virtually once a week for two months prior to the exam (spring and fall). More Details

Couch Chats - virtual
Monthly, facilitator-led discussion groups are dedicated to the four primary areas of association management: CEO/executive directors, membership and marketing, events and education, and operations and finance.  Designed to allow you to connect with your peers virtually to discuss current challenges and share ideas in a relaxed small group setting.

ELEVATE Annual Conference
ELEVATE is where California's association professionals come together for three days of exploring "how to" and "what if..." thinking. The conference is designed with education topics to appeal to all CalSAE members. Typically offered in April each year.

Insights Executive Summit
This program is designed specifically for advanced-level CEOs. It is a 1.5-day, limited attendance program, with the highest level of content prepared and delivered by a professional facilitator in an intensive and interactive environment

LevelUp Education & Luncheons - Regional
Get to the next level in your career using what you've learned. These local programs are in several formats: often lunch with a keynote speaker or a morning education program followed by a networking lunch. The programs are diverse and designed to focus on various elements of association management and leadership - typically most appropriate for managers, directors, and newer C-suite executives.

Membership & Marketing Summit (MMS)
A full-day, multi-track event offered in June devoted to association membership and marketing strategies.

Online Learning - virtual
One-hour virtual sessions are offered one to two times per month (produced as a collaboration of state and local SAEs across the US). On-demand programs are also available on a full range of association management topics. More Details

Peer-to-Peer Social Learning
Each region often produces regular informal discussions (virtual or in-person), which provide interaction directly with colleagues. Examples include CEO Lunches, Coffee & Connect, and Idea Exchange Breakfasts. They are listed on the event calendar.

Seasonal Spectacular
Seasonal Spectacular is a premier two-day program held in December which includes the largest annual association industry tradeshow on the West Coast, EXCHANGE Appointment Show, education programs, an industry luncheon, and a half-day tradeshow with networking opportunities all-around.