Renew Your Membership

New for 2023/24 - CalSAE is now using a "seats-based" dues model. This will be reflected on your current invoice, which will display each member/seat along with the corresponding dues amount. The more members or "seats" your organization has, the more you save. To add seats or change dues levels see instructions below.

Dues Levels

Example Seats-Based Invoice

If you would like to increase the number of seats/dues level, the ADMIN for your organization can do so by following these steps:

  1.  Log in to ADMIN account/Member Compass
  2.  Click "People" in the left-hand column
  3.  Click "Add Seats" in the top right side

Important Note: If you do not yet have a login, you will need to create one to access and pay your invoice. If you believe you already have an account/login and need assistance, contact Heidi Ursino.

Create Account

Questions or Assistance

Denize Maldonado
Manager of Membership Engagement or (916) 367-0299

Renewals or Membership Transfers
Heidi Ursino
Director of Operations or (916) 367-0297